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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Will you marry me, OneNote?

I've only been using OneNote for less than a week and I wish I could marry it!

I've been nuts trying to figure out how to organize our Forensic Lab to prepare for another ISO Accreditation Surveillance review in March. There are thousands of files to keep track of (both active and inactive) and all have to be reviewed, updated, signed sealed and delivered, kissed on the forehead and sent on their way to the current Quality Manual.

I'm only one person with little administrative assistance and was tearing my hair out and darkly contemplating the doom of failure.

Enter OneNote. (imagine a little Vivaldi Spring music here)

I've mastered sections, subsections, pages, and subpages and created a notebook that you can zip around in a flash. I've flagged to my heart's content and sent task lists and emails to most of the English-speaking world. My To Do Lists do not fall into the cracks of a forgetful, over-taxed brain but eagerly, and very politely wave to me to be noticed. Who would have thought software could be so unconditionally supportive?

Being a bit obsessive compulsive, I am reminded of the scene in "Paper Chase" where the nerdy law student began worshipping his "notes" rather than studying them, learning from them, and applying the information.

But not me! Once you create such a thing of beauty, you can't help but want to spend time with it. The dogs (Magdalene and Luna) are extremely jealous of OneNote. Magdalene sat her little mini Dachshund butt on the laptop keyboard last night and demanded some quality time. Laptop Lapdog extraordinaire.

In less than three days of work, I've hyperlinked every pesky little puppy file into tables for organized review and updating. I've organized every scientific article reference, every brainstorm idea so that they are at my fingertips in a instant. All my personnel files jump to front and center when bidden. My but this makes me feel very powerful and extremely organized.

Will you marry me, OneNote? (Imagine Lohengrin Bridal March music here)

I don't have a ring to offer you but I am considering buying you a digital pen....


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